SHero Thailand works for the elimination of domestic violence and the de-normalization of violence culture in Thailand. Since our founding in 2016, we have worked to provide legal and emotional support to survivors of violence, lead workshops on gender-based violence protection, and advocate for better access to justice for violence survivors. To achieve our goal, we target young generations and empower them to take part in our mission while combat violence culture within their community. We believe that anyone can be a hero, or 'shero', who create better changes for the community, the country and the world.

Our main strategies include:

  • Creating safe space for young generation to discuss solutions for violence culture within their community

  • Providing pro bono legal aid for survivors of violence

  • Documenting cases for policy advocacy to reduce the struggles of survivors to access to justice 

  • Ensuring the access to justice as well as the safety and well-being of vulnerable groups

  • Empowering survivors to liberate from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation

What have we achieved?

Since August 2016 – December 2020, SHero have worked to:

  • Providing legal, emotional, and emergency support to 329 cases of GBV

  • Assisting over 20 community-based organizations

  • Conducting workshops and trainings for 2,725 youth and survivors

  • Engaging 50 young leaders through SHero Youth Forums

  • Involving 17 youth volunteers for policy advocacy

Among these accomplishments, we also led a movement to fight for a case of DV survivor who was sued by the perpetrator for defamation. The perpetrator used the SLAPP framework to burden the survivor with legal fees and travel costs. SHero led the fundraising and campaign until the charge has been dropped. This is one of the major challenges of GBV survivors face which has hardly been discussed in Thailand.

How does SHero support the communities during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During March-July 2020, we actively called for donations to support migrant communities along the Thai-Myanmar border. With support from all directions, mostly from Twitter users, we managed to:

  • Distribute dry goods to 50 households of migrant teachers most of whom have lost their jobs -among these families, 13 have special needs children

  • Distribute face masks to 1,000 children in migrant communities

  • Raise over 17,000 THB for Shade Tree foundation and Freedom Restoration Project’s Selah Center which supports Burmese women and children who affected by DV

  • Distribute dry food and hygiene products to migrant families who were affected by DV during the pandemic