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(SOCCER) Newcastle - Milan live 13 December 2023

Newcastle United vs AC Milan Live.

comPosted at: 13:33EDT19/09/2023 Rafa Leão gets the ball in the middle third and drives forward, sparking the rest of his team into life. Theo receives on the left but fails to put a cross in before the Newcastle defenders scramble back into position, and Howe's side deal with the danger. comPosted at: 13:33EDT19/09/2023 It feels like someone has just turned the voltage down on the dodgems: everyone has slowed right down and looks happy to get to half time with things as they are. comPosted at: 13:30EDT19/09/2023 Pulisic must be licking his lips at the chances Chukwueze has missed so far... comPosted at: 13:29EDT19/09/2023 Señor referee gives Calabria the first card of the game for excessive complaining. comPosted at: 13:06EDT19/09/2023 Chukwueze's cross from the right is headed away and Krunic latches onto the ball, smacking a thunderbolt towards the crossbar which Pope pushes over the bar. comPosted at: 13:06EDT19/09/2023 POPE SAVES AGAINas. comPosted at: 13:05EDT19/09/2023 A late challenge on halfway from Thiaw on Isak sees the defender escape without a yellow card. He's verylucky there, in my opinion. comPosted at: 12:55EDT19/09/2023 Tonali makes a nice run down the left and gets the ball all the way to the byline - but it's just rolled out by the time he gets a foot to it to cross in. comPosted at: 12:53EDT19/09/2023 Gasps from the crowd as Newcastle recover the ball in their own half and drive forward in numbers: Trippier's cross from the corner of the box is cleared unconvincingly and the away side continue to push. comPosted at: 12:52EDT19/09/2023 The first shot of the game comes from Rafa Leão who cuts inside from the left, shapes to shoot and fires a long-range effort towards Pope, which is central and easily saved. comPosted at: 12:51EDT19/09/2023 RafaLeão gets his first chance to sprint as he chases down a misguided header over Newcastle's defence from Giroud. comPosted at: 14:55EDT19/09/2023 Here's the shot map:As you can see, a hugely threatening display from Milan who just couldn't find the magic touch to put the ball in the back of the net. 2. 58 - 0. 22 in the xG totals sums up the game pretty well, as does 25 shots to 5. comPosted at: 14:53EDT19/09/2023 My MVP for the gamePopewas superb today and fully deserves all the credit for keeping Newcastle in the game. It could prove to be a crucial point at the end of what is surely going to be a tough group for The Magpies. comPosted at: 14:52EDT19/09/2023 as. So far, Newcastle are sitting off their opponents who continue to control the ball. comPosted at: 12:50EDT19/09/2023 Calabria's loose touch on the right side almost allows Isak to sneak in and tap the ball away from his boot, but an awkward lunge from the right-back clears the danger and Milan continue with their early possession. comPosted at: 12:49EDT19/09/2023 It's a fast start from the away side who launch the ball up the pitch and chase it, pushing AC Milan back. comPosted at: 12:48EDT19/09/2023 And we're underway at San Siro! AC Milan are in their red and white stripes; Newcastle, who get us going, are also in their home kit. Krunic also tested Pope from distance with a shot that was put over the top by the goalkeeper, who has been excellent. Giroud has looked slightly frustrated off the ball but he had a huge chance close to half-time to score after Theo's wonderful cross was sent wide from close range. Newcastle have not really had any clear-cut chances. They thought a penalty might be coming their way after Longstaff went down in the box, but the Spanish referee rightly waved it away. The question remains: canMilan take advantage of their superiority? Could Pulisic be the man with the golden touch? as. comPosted at: 13:38EDT19/09/2023 as. comPosted at: 13:33EDT19/09/2023 Half-time! We go into the break with no goals so far... comPosted at: 13:21EDT19/09/2023 WHAT A MISS FROM RAFA LEÃO!!! as. comPosted at: 13:20EDT19/09/2023 The replays show that Rafa Leão might have made the slightest of contact with Longstaff as he burst in behind, but it's not really anything penalty-worthy. comPosted at: 13:19EDT19/09/2023 Milan attack with Theo on the left and he fires in a near-post cross that Giroud really should score, but instead he sends it wide. comPosted at: 13:19EDT19/09/2023 GIROUD GOES CLOSE! as. comPosted at: 13:18EDT19/09/2023 Longstaff goes down in the box after a challenge from behind... Newcastle-Milan | UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Newcastle vs Milan: All the latest UEFA Champions League Group stage match Live scores · Tickets and hospitality. Store. UEFA Club competitions · UEFA ... AC Milan vs Newcastle LIVE: Champions League result Sep 19, 2023 — Full-time! AC Milan 0-0 Newcastle. 90+5 mins: Newcastle push right at the end of the match for a winner with Sean Longstaff smoking a good ... Newcastle vs AC Milan: live scores, lineups & H2H Newcastle v AC Milan (13/12) on UEFA Champions League. Get match preview including live scores, lineups, stats, H2H and much more. Milan 0-0 Newcastle: Champions League – as it happened Sep 19, 2023 — AC Milan · Newcastle · Live feed · FULL TIME: AC Milan 0-0 Newcastle United · HALF TIME: AC Milan 0-0 Newcastle United · Related content · Related ...


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